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Best RPA Hack - PowerAdvocate Sponsored

Making life easier with Robotic Process Automation!
Learn how to use RPA - a process to automate tasks that would normally require tedious and repetitive manual work.
Join PowerAdvocate at their 9:30 PM talk in “All In” to learn more about the challenge and how you can submit a project to be considered for a $200 prize!

Best Healthcare Hack - Kyruus Sponsored

At Kyruus we work to ensure that patients can find the right doctor, for their specific need, quickly. In doing so we help them set down the path to get the best recovery/treatment available.
Using publicly available datasets (such as those found on what solutions can you brainstorm/hack that might alleviate an issue that is affecting the US healthcare industry today?
Participate for a chance to win Kyruus SWAG and 5 brand new 24 oz Hydro Flasks!

Sustainability Hack

Sustainability has been a trendy term in the media these days. It is a broad term - ranging from fashion, to food, to our everyday habits. We all know that our planet needs our help - and there are so many ways we can utilize technology to help! With all this in mind, we challenge you to use your hacking skills to build something that will make mother earth proud

Best Boston Hack

Beantown has always had a special place in HackBeanpot’s heart. As part of the Sprout vision, we challenge our attendees to build something that will have an impact on the community around them. Whether that be helping people navigate the MBTA or find food donation centers, check out our livesite for some links to get started!

Best Visual UI/UX

Most Likely to Make Money

Most Technically Challenging

Most Inclusive Hack

Most Embodying HackBeanpot Values

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Nadine Shaalan

Nadine Shaalan
Software engineer at Drift, currently working on the AI Bots Team. I graduated from Northeastern in 2019.


Early stage growth strategist with 7+ years of go-to-market and product leadership experience across user experience, finance, data privacy, and commercial operations.

Derek Schuster

Derek Schuster
I work as a software engineer at Facebook, building Wi-Fi-related things as part of Facebook Connectivity. I previously graduated from Northeastern University and was an organizer of HackBeanpot 2018!

Aaron Elliot

Aaron Elliot
Im a senior data scientist at LogMeIn, I work on ML models to identify leads for sales, and on data engineering problems as needed.

Nisheeta Setlur

Nisheeta Setlur
I am the Sr. Director of Implementation at Kyruus. I've been with this awesome organization for almost 3 years and have worked with Healthcare Organizations for over 15 years.

Jennie MacDougall

Jennie MacDougall
Engineering Manager and HBP's biggest fan!!

Justin Timmons

Justin Timmons
Senior Software Engineer at Solaria Labs focused on delivering new and innovative products within the insurance and insurance-adjacent lanscape

Rob Antczak

Rob Antczak
CTO at PowerAdvocate

Guy Levy

Guy Levy
Responsible for the architecture around distributed systems, and scalable integrations at iCIMS. Started his career at AT&T Bell Labs, and left to Co-Found uReach Technologies, building large scale Communication Systems, for companies like Verizon Fios.

Brian Fogarty

Brian Fogarty
I am a Software Engineer at PathAI, where I work primarily with modern web technologies like Django and Vue.js. I enjoy distance running, puzzle hunts, and photography.

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    How technically impressive was the hack? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly clever technique or did it use many different components? Did the technology involved make you go "Wow!"?
  • Design
    Did the team put thought into the user experience? How well designed is the interface? For a hardware project, it might more about how good the human-computer interaction is (e.g. is it easy to use or does it use a cool interface?)
  • Presentation
    Is the presentation and project polished? Is the team engaged with the project? Why did they choose to do this particular project?
  • Learning
    Did the team stretch themselves? Did they try to learn something new? If a team which always does virtual reality projects decided to switch up and try doing a mobile app instead, that exploration should be rewarded.
  • Process
    Did the team utilize resources to tackle challenges? Did they collaborate and work well together? What did they learn from doing this project?

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